Our mission is to deliver high-quality sustainable protein to a world facing ever-increasing food shortages.

About Us

Founded in 2014, Big Cricket Farms is the first urban cricket farm in America devoted exclusively to raising human-grade entomophagical products. With the assistance of incredible partners like Tiny Farms, Big Cricket Farms sprang into being in April of 2014.

Our crickets are fed high-quality OMRI-certified organic feed.

Why Crickets?

Crickets offer marvelous advantages over traditional protein sources like beef. Crickets need only about two pounds of feed per pound of usable meat; for beef, it takes 25 pounds of feed for the same pound of meat. Likewise, it only takes about a gallon of water to raise one pound of crickets, compared to 2,000 gallons of water for a pound of cow. And crickets produce 100 times fewer greenhouse gasses than cows.

Nutritionally, crickets offer advantages, too: they have half the fat and a third more protein than beef.

Finally, crickets just taste good!